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Cheering the 2016 New York City Marathon

I love to cheer the NYC marathon and this year I cheered at mile 9 with Amanda Hart @misshart.

When getting ready to cheer big races here are  3 tips to make is a great experience:

  1. Bring things that runners need.  Often times runners will stop and ask you for things and I like to walk with items that runners have asked for during races.
    1. Salt – runners sometimes cramp in front of me and I like to be able to help
    2. Tissues – a lot of runners get runny nose or sinuses while running
    3. Pretzels – this is more for the salt
    4. Water or coconut water
    5. Gum
    6. Energy Gels
    7. Granola bars
  2.  Wear comfortable clothing
    1. Comfortable shoes are important because you may be standing for long periods of time
    2. Pants that will allow you to move and bend easily
    3. Sports bra – sometime a runner needs extra support and why not jump in for a mile or two.
  3.  Bring instruments to cheer and let them know where you are
    1. Cowbells
    2. Whistles
    3. A loud mouth (you may need cough drops to tune this up because it can some times give out on you)

Here’s a video of my experience cheering the 2016 marathon and some of the amazing people I saw.

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